African Awareness Week

African Awareness Week (AAW) is a week filled with events that enable and transpire the University of Waterloo’s African Students’ Association Mission which is to Educate, Entertain and Empower. From hosting talks that cater to the intellectual side of our members to drum circles and Afrobeats dance workshops, AAW shines a light on all things pertaining to Africa. Join UWASA as we celebrate the vibrancy of a multicultural continent and give you several reasons to celebrate the origin of your melanin, all while Educating, Entertaining and Empowering!
The theme of this year’s African Awareness Week is “What’s To Love About Africa?” Even in our modern day era, there are still several negative images and misconceptions associated with Africa and those of African descent. This week in particular, UWASA wants to answer the question “What’s To Love About Africa?” and we invite everyone to join us for our week long events to do so. Pick the minds of UWASA members on issues affecting various parts of Africa then dance the stress of life away at our Flag Party. Whether you chose to come to one or all our events this week, we hope you walk away with at least one answer to the question “What’s To Love About Africa?”
Dear Africa

Events for the Week

ASA Talks
Theme of Talk: Why we shouldn’t love Africa
The purpose of these talks are to generate healthy debates, cater to the intellectuals, spark ideas between members but also raise awareness of Africa in some way.
Ngoma is the Kongo word for “drum” and also the term used by certain Bantu-speaking Africans to indicate a musical instrument. In Uganda, ngoma is commonly thought to have originated from there, specifically from the Baganda people…
Afrobeats Dance Workshop
Afrobeats is a term originally coined by Nigerian multi-instrumentalist Fela Kulti who combined traditional Nigerian music, jazz, highlife with various percussion and vocal styles to create a revolutionary style of music that has spread…
UWASA Unplugged
Over the last 10 months, UWASA Executives have witnessed the various talents of our members and thus we would like to invite everyone to come showcase their talent. This week we are celebrating all things relating to Africa, so…
Cultural Caravan
Join UWASA Creative Director Executive Kenechi Chidolue and UWASA dancers as they perform a highly anticipated Afrobeats-inspired routine choreographed by Kenechi herself! If you’ve never seen a routine performed by UWASA…
Flag Party
What better way to celebrate the diverse culture of the motherland and our members by hosting a flag party?!? Come to the Bomber decked out in tribal print (ex. Ghanaian Kente patterns), a dashiki of any colour, or repping one…