Who we are

We are a group of students primarily of African origin who aspire to promote African culture and awareness within the community. Membership is open to all students who wish to interact with African students, learn and experience our culture. We also provide an environment for students to socialize and immerse themselves in our club activities. Africa is made up of 54 countries, with some consisting of more than 50 tribes! We have representatives from all regions of Africa providing us with a wide wealth of knowledge and resources to present an authentic view of the diverse continent. We organize a number of events where people can experience the warmth of the African sun through the collective effort of our amazing volunteers. We invite you to come along and join us as we show you a piece of what you could experience in UWASA.

Our Mission

We have a lot of big dreams for the future of both our members and other patrons. Most of these sum up perfectly in the 3-fold mission we hold. These three goals to Educate, Entertain and Empower are the backbone of every activity we engage in. We strive to present and represent our continent in the best way possible and are confident that we play our part in making lives better both here and back home.


Africa is a continent rich in History, culture and diversity. There is a great wealth of knowledge waiting to be tapped for the enrichening of the human soul. We as a group strive to reach far and wide to make this knowledge available to our general community. Our mission to educate comes in many forms. Whether it be a talk from a professor in an African Institute or a drama to capture the victory of the fathers of the independence  struggle, UWASA strives to tell the African story in the best way we can. In so doing, we hope that people, being better educated, can view Africa in a better light.


If there’s one thing that we’ve learnt in the past few years, it is that dance can do the most wonderful things to the heart. In the beating of our drums and the stomping of our feet, in our poetry, fashion and singing, we have always made it a point to bring the best entertainment to all around us. Africa is fill with sounds and sights that are pleasant in many ways. So in our little corner of the world, we do our best to present to you and authentic piece of our Africa and promise that you won’t spend a day with us that didn’t leave you in a magical state of bliss. Seriously, we are that good!


Africa has often been singularly painted, falsely and far too harshly, with the brush of poverty. We do recognize need and have made it a point to contribute to our community in any way we can. We strive to empower our members to become agents to change to brighten up the world we see around us. Partnering with several organizations in and out of Waterloo, we have made it a commitment to give back. We provide several avenues for our members to volunteer and learn the true meaning of charity so they can in turn become the world’s true change-makers.

Community Involvement

Five Fun Days

“We volunteer with Life Change Adventures to bring joy and smiles to several kids in our community in 5 fun-packed days of the summer.

KW Multicultural Festival

Every summer we join a host of cultural organizations to celebrate diversity and all its wonder through african dance performances at the Festival

Future of Africa

We have learnt a great deal about ourselves and the potential make real change from Future of Africa. They never cease to challenge our thinking

Bring on the Sunshine

Bring on the Sunshine always manages to put a smile on our faces by engaging our talents in their annual multicultural festival and Africa Camp for Kids.


More than anything, UWASA has given me a family; an environment where I feel free to share my ideas and grow. I encourage everyone to get out of their comfort zone and get involved with UWASA, I promise you won't regret it.
UWASA has given me a community of diverse and bright minded people to learn from in different ways and continuously grow.
UWASA fuelled my passion to make an impact to Africa and young Africans.
UWASA is where I can share my passion about my culture and continue to learn about my beautiful Africa.
UWASA is more than just another club. It's an enlightening experience and a constant reminder of our African roots.
UWASA has been a community where I can further express my passion for Africa's future, present and past endeavours.
In UWASA I have learnt to challenge myself to do things I never thought possible.